Crimson's Anti-Ballistic Protections are VIP’s Best Friend

Crimson's Anti-Ballistic Protections are VIP’s Best Friend
Protecting the safety of VIP's has never been easier says Crimson 'CEO, Tim Joel, former FBI Agent.

July 3, 2022 -San Diego, California - Anti-Ballistic Protection is creating its own wave in the market. The demand for Anti-Ballistic Protection is there due to recent rampant shooting incidents that are occurring today. However, the demand for the Anti-Ballistic in the security market is also expected to skyrocket because its purpose is found more and more in the security business.

“It’s something every security agency must have,” said Alexi, CEO of one of security agency in California. Most VIPs, including celebrities and even politicians require their security guards to have anti-ballistic shields to protect them from shooting incidents. “VIPs don’t only feel safe, they are actually safer,” said one undercover security guard on having an anti-ballistic shield. “Airports are safe but right after they get out of the airport their reality begins. Let alone, during the events,” said one of the bodyguards.

Crimson “Mission Pro” EXP Anti-Ballistic Plates

Amongst many so-called anti-ballistic and “bullet-proof” plates in the market, including fakes and particularly uncertified ones from overseas, Crimson’s “Mission Pro Extreme Protection (EXP)” stands out as the original concept that provides a higher resistant “bullet-Proof” protection than any others currently in the market. “Mission Pro EXP” Anti-Ballistic plates are denser and puncture resistant than Kevlar, and it is lighter in weight and thinner in design, far superior, and stronger than most anti-ballistic plates in existence in the market.

The best thing about the Mission Pro EXP is that it is only 10mm thick, and 730 grams in weight and it can be placed in any backpacks and carry-on bags, then that backpack and bag will be converted into an “Anti-Ballistic Shield.” Mission Pro EXP plates are fully certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and achieved the NIJ IIIA (Plus) rating which means that it can effectively stop all handgun rounds, including Magnum 44 rounds.

Crimson’s Mission Pro EXP is conceptualized and created in California USA by former FBI Special Agents and military officers who were much concerned about today’s rampant shooting incidents. They used their knowledge in Anti-ballistic materials and designs and developed a defensive solution for school and public safety against ballistic attacks.

Situation and scene without SOS (Safe Origami Shelter)

Crimson’s Safe Origami Shelter (“SOS”) Bullet-Proof Folding Shelter for Classrooms

Crimson’s Safe Origami Shelter or simply “SOS” is an innovative solution for a custom-designed “Bullet-Proof Shelter” for classrooms and office environment. Students and office workers are now protected against surprised gun attacks by locking themselves inside these tank-like shelter from the threats against ballistic attacks inside their classrooms and office.

Safe Origami Shelter can be also installed in any environment where people gather and can also be custom designed based on size and location needs.

Safe Origami Shelter consists of modular wall panels that is made from the same material as Crimson’s Mission Pro EXP Plates. Except they are in much larger size to create protective walls against incoming bullets.

SOS modular wall panels can be painted, wallpapered, and even mount a picture frame board on it, incorporating it into the existing room décor and it does not take up any spaces nor it is noticeable, but that provides a bullet proof shelter.

SOS wall panels is mounted flat against the existing room wall; however, it can be converted easily into an effective “bullet-proof” shelter by simple sliding action that creates a tank-like compartment.

See the conceptualized design and diagram below: